For most of my life I dabbled in creative writing which I shamelessly inflicted on friends and relatives. The pleasures  of growing up and pressures of then earning a living dissuaded me from taking the craving seriously. Born in 1938 and raised in B.C., I obtained an engineering degree at UBC two years after the decimation of Canada’s aviation  industry. That led me to leave Canada and work 35 years for The Boeing Company in Seattle.

Retirement with a reasonable pension opened my door to the creative writing world and I leaped through. You may wonder what engineering and creative writing could possibly have in common. Sure engineering attracts analytical types, called nerds in extreme cases. But at the other end of the spectrum lie very creative individuals often  inspired to move technology forward. I lean in the direction of those creativity freaks.

While different in content and setting, my first three novels are fundamentally love stories. Turns out I’m a romantic cuss. Still, the books are laden with hardships for protagonists to face. Feedback of people reading through the night, cancelling hair appointments, etc. testifies to their captivating quality.

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