Posted by: SandPen | January 1, 2018

Reclaim America


After a year of disgust, teeth-gnashing and worry, we need to look forward to a revival in America of all that makes western democracies great. Sure, there will still be those who blindly refuse to budge from support of the orange monster, refuse to acknowledge that this administration is systematically destroying our country from within. We need to sweep them aside and trust that a vast majority wants to turn back to the high road.

More than one wise man, from Roman empire days to Roosevelt, have warned that the real threat to democracy comes from within rather than external threats. The Nazi’s took down Germany from within. Britain withstood the external Nazi threat. It must be obvious to any objective thinker that right-wing extremists are tearing down America by:

  • Fomenting racism and bigotry to divide people
  • Fostering violence by weakening instead of strengthening gun controls
  • Eliminating rather than providing health care to millions
  • Impoverishing citizens to increase corporate and rich individual wealth
  • Destroying relations with western democracies in favor of dictatorships
  • Undermining media’s role in providing factual reporting

See how easy it is to fall back into hand-wringing over our dismal situation?

We have an opportunity to right the ship this year, perhaps our last opportunity. As an optimist, I think that will happen. It will be hard to tolerate the continued destruction for another year. There will be so much more to restore. But the present situation shows how far a pendulum can swing. And a physicist would point out that the higher the pendulum swings, the stronger is the force to turn it back. So let’s embrace 2018 as the year we put America back on course.



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