Posted by: SandPen | May 26, 2018

An Author’s Lament


Show me an author who claims book sales are not important and I’ll show you a hypocrite. Oops—that’s me. For years I have shrunken away from marketing workload, partly because I don’t need book revenue to survive, partly because I don’t want to spend the time on it, partly because as an introvert I don’t like to impose on others. I suffer from an idealistic dream that good books will sell themselves.

Despite all that, sales are important. They tell one their effort in writing the book was worthwhile. And in today’s sea of new books, without promotion an author’s work can easily slip into obscurity. Unfortunately, reality dictates that public awareness of a book depends on promotion rather than quality.

Few things promote a book more effectively than good reviews.  We authors crave them. We give away free books in hopes of getting them and then feel cheated if they don’t arrive. Was the reader disappointed by the book or simply too lazy to write a review? Even a single line review, even a rating, provides valuable feedback.


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