Posted by: SandPen | November 7, 2018

Torture Trench


Looks innocent enough but this little trench hid a torrent of misery. The boulders beside it might give a clue. A little bigger than they look here, they signal the need for attack with a pick as well as a shovel. Toss in the age of my back and you have a recipe for a week and a half torture beginning with a crab-like struggle to get from mattress to feet.

“You old fool, it’s time you hired someone to do this sort of thing.”

“I know but who wants to work for a couple of hours on something like this?”

That’s part of my dilemma. A bigger part is not wanting to admit defeat to the accumulation of years. However, this has been the most influential lesson to date and perhaps I will think twice before future exposures…at least for a while.


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