Posted by: SandPen | June 16, 2017

The Two-headed Monster

Americans are in the grip of a two-headed monster, one orange, one purple.

We’re all too familiar with the orange one, led by a paranoiac narcissist with delusions of grandeur and recently even of divinity. His kind and his little gang of cohorts are typical of dictators seen often today and in years past. Those that rise in nations whose populations never knew the power of elections, such as Russia and North Korea, are often able to prolong their rule. A country proves much harder to take over when elections have prevailed, though it’s not impossible. Usually, the dictatorship is short lived. However, immense death, suffering and destruction can be wrought before the crash as Hitler showed in six short years.

Evidence is growing to indicate that our orange monster is nearing the end of his reign. Though there has been considerable damage both domestically and globally, it is still reversible. We can recover. Or can we?

That brings us to the purple headed monster. Purple? It seems like an appropriate color for our financial royalty, the one percent that owns as much as ninety percent of us combined. Don’t look for that one in a thousand person in your peer group. He/she lives in a vastly different segment of society. But while the orange monster struts and rants to distract us, the purple one is going about the destruction of democracy and additional impoverishment of most Americans to further line its pockets. To it, we are the “masses”, something to deny health care, to drive down wages, to outsource jobs, to reduce lifespans by years or even decades through pollution of land, sea and air. Some reading this will say this guy’s a “commie”. No, he’s an ex-conservative who chooses to retain a measure of social responsibility.

How did the purple monster gain power? Contrary to what the very rich would have us believe, one does not approach or become a billionaire through hard work or entrepreneurship. At most, those attributes can get one started by providing a nest egg on which to build. How one hatches that nest egg is the key. Two avenues come to mind. The first is through real estate, whether it be land development, slum lording, casinos or other investments of this nature. The second is through corporate stock options, bonuses and buyouts.

Roughly thirty years ago, American corporate management turned away from long range health strategies to short-term profit. A good bottom line drove up market value (stock price). That justified extravagant bonuses, severance packages and most important, stock options. An annual influx of stock options means that an executive can use a small number of recent ones to augment income if necessary and let the bulk accumulate value without taxation. It makes sense to use some of this wealth to develop tax loopholes and to purchase politicians who will further the wealthy’s cause. Here we are today with a Republican party infested with these puppets of the purple monster.

This is why, as we watch the destruction of the orange monster, it is so important for voters to realize 2018 may be our last chance to slay the purple one and save democracy in America and do our part in saving the planet for humanity.

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