Posted by: SandPen | August 17, 2017



Are we there again? Responsible Germans turned a blind eye to the unfolding events. It’s easy to understand how average individuals would shy away from confrontation once the Brown Shirts began their rampage.  How many of us would put our life on the line like the girl in Charlottesville this week? Did she even think she was doing that?

America is burning. Democracy is being systematically destroyed. Is that what our Republican congress wants? Do they think they were elected for that purpose? No matter how absurd these questions seem, events now give them credence. “It can’t happen here” is now the absurd position.

The obvious solution is impeachment. There is no question the grounds exist: paranoiac narcissism, immorality, conflict of interest, money laundering, Russian collusion if not treason—well beyond any minimum requirement. We can’t wait for another election, which may not come.

A second solution might be to admit the cultural divide cannot be bridged and dissolve the Union into separate countries much like what happened to the USSR. In Ickee Mushta, I included the argument (made by others before me) that the Civil War never ended, only the battles did. Yes, there are people in the north who would align with the Confederacy and others in the south would oppose it. Considerable migration would likely occur. But if differences cannot be reconciled, perhaps…




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