Posted by: SandPen | November 26, 2017

Two Loves Challenged


This third book in the Two Loves series was intended to be the last so here Delbert and Sylvia are flying off into the sunset. At first, I thought it would be hard to find enough for them to do but adventures kept showing up.

I’ve heard the comment that Sylvia fades into the background in Two Loves Sought and can see why that opinion is justified. Well, she comes roaring back in this volume. In fact, she and Cynthia share the spotlight. Cynthia graduates from medical school in Chapter 2 and decides to spend her intern year in Campbell River on Vancouver Island. With Delbert’s increasing independence, Sylvia went back to college and became a Public Health Nurse, ready to challenge the needs of isolated villages on Vancouver Island and further up the coast. They might not seem so isolated today but they certainly were in the 1960’s.

Delbert’s flying boat plays a central role throughout the book and Delbert remains a significant part of the action, which moves from lower Vancouver Island to the northern end, fanning out from Campbell River. I spent many summers in that region during my college years so that experience contributed to the book’s authenticity. It also gives me a chance to brag once more about the 53 pound Tyee I caught one year.Salmon

Oh yes, the book is now released in print and Kindle format. Visit my website (icon at right) to take a peek and better yet, indulge in a good read. Though, if you didn’t read the first two volumes, it would be more entertaining to start with Two Loves Lost.

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