Posted by: SandPen | February 28, 2018

Two Loves Challenged and More

TL Trilogy

Now available, Two Loves Challenged makes the story of Delbert and Sylvia a trilogy. The picture on the cover shows them flying off into the sunset even though it is still early in their lives. While I could probably come up with a fourth story, it will likely not occur because who knows what a four-volume set is called? A quadrilogy? Tetralogy? Spell-checker thinks that’s it.

Whereas the first volume dealt with growing up, military flying and tormented separation and the second with drug smuggling in Pacific Northwest waters, this one leans more towards bush flying, air rescue and psychopathic behavior—complete with life and death challenges. Find out more at by clicking on the icon at right.

And more—something new, a serial novel:


You can watch this novel grow week by week. Emma goes on from where Ickee Mushta left off. I’ve chosen this experiment because the volatile political world we live in could easily obsolete a novel of this type by the time it reaches the publisher. The serial approach will allow adaption to changing situations and at least give each new instalment relevance. My intention is to add a few chapters each week so if nothing else, you can see how a novel is created in real time.

The picture above won’t likely be used on a finished book since it may be copyrighted, however, it gives an idea of what I have in mind. To participate, go to (icon at right) and select Menu, then Emma.



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