Posted by: SandPen | June 13, 2018

Morning Sun


What on earth is this? It will be a combination workshop and shed oriented so that some future solar panels on the front side of the roof will catch the morning sun. Are they needed? Well no, we already generate much more power than we use. However, charging the soon to arrive Tesla may alter that, though I’m optimistic we can handle the additional load.

Our present arrays capture sunlight well from mid day on. Panels on this roof would begin meaningful generation earlier in the day. That’s appealing though it hardly warrants the extra expense.

The real reason for building it is twofold. It will allow me to tear down a smaller eyesore of a shed I almost bashed into oblivion with an errant backhoe. And it will allow me to move woodworking out of our garage. While I have trouble driving nails with my macular degeneration, I can still handle most other tasks. Between garage and cellar, we have a well stocked shop’s worth of equipment and tools.

You may question whether or not this is an eyesore fix. When finished it will match the house, more or less. Family members may justifiably accuse me of entering a second childhood since it resembles the workshop my father built approximately eighty years ago on Salt Spring Island.



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