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A Quiet Rampage

A Quiet Rampage                                               January 22, 2018


A Quiet Rampage is on the loose!

Only 144 pages, this memoir of my life is easy to read. It aims to entertain rather than bore with a litany of positions held and adulation received (well, it might have included the latter if there was any). It responds to questions like “What the hell did you do all those years at the Lazy B?”

In a more serious vein, it endeavors to paint a picture of who I am, what I stand for, and what makes me tick. To some, it may seem like my true personality is coming out of the closet but really, the closet door has been relatively transparent for those with a discerning eye.

Oddly enough, ever since I released it a flood of additional memories which could have found their way into the book have popped up. Some people, events and phases have gotten short shrift. It’s hard to know where to draw the line and adding too much might run the risk of boredom. So it is what it is. Perhaps I’ll come up with a second edition at age ninety, if still around and in possession of some semblance of a cognitive memory (two big “if’s”). In other words, don’t wait for the second edition. Let your curiosity get the better of you now and visit my website.

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