Posted by: Sandy Graham | March 26, 2019

The Good Narcissist

Narcissist – one who pursues gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s idealized self-image and attributes.

They cover a wide spectrum from slightly self-centered to egotistic to empathetic to covertly non-empathetic (outwardly charismatic while secretly getting rid of non-adulators) to overt non-empathetic to irrational non-empathetic to irrational sociopathic and trumping them all, delusional unintelligent irrational sociopathic. In other words, good all the way to a menace to civilization.

One thing they seem to have in common is a charisma or ability to lure followers, no matter the degree of narcery (Spell Checker, you can underline it all you want—I’m using it). At the far end, they can call war heroes cowards, make fun of cripples, promote violence, make pokahontic slurs, and so on without alienating their tribal followers. Oddly, they seem to label their perceived enemies with their own attributes, such as Lying Ted or Crooked Hiliary.

Four breeding grounds for narcery (look, SC, you don’t have a problem with adultery, so back off) narcery exist; namely corporations, sports, entertainment and politics. Of course, there are good corporate leaders along with those who destroy a hundred year old pillar of industry for personal gain or feel sufficiently immune from censure to display their penis on social media. The “bottom line” mentality that permeates the current corporate world indicates the scales are tilted in the bad direction. Sports (“I am the greatest!”) and entertainment (“Elvis has left the building!”) lean in the good direction.

Politics presents the entire spectrum, thanks in large part to corporate funding. But rather than devote words to the unblinking lizard that rules the Senate, I want to turn to the good side of narcery (damn it, SC, it may not be an actual word, but you allow “politically correct” non-words every day). A racist acquaintance called Obama a narcissist just after he was elected. Probably true, but anyone who saw him kneel to talk to a little girl, tear up talking about a mass shooting or giving a speech of closure at the Nagasaki war memorial, knows any narcery is grounded in empathy.

I once watched Liberace enter a hotel in Edmonton and as he glided to the front desk his narcissism was on full display. You didn’t need to watch his performance to recognize it. You see, he didn’t wear the usual winter coat, he wore a cloak. A good narcissist loves praise and clamors for recognition, then turns around and helps others to succeed or enjoy life. They can laugh at themselves. They are harmless and they often contribute greatly to society. They are driven to make a name for themselves in a good way and we are better for their existence.

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