What’s happenings in my world of writing?

Detailed information on current projects, including initial chapters or excerpts, can be found on my website. Just click the Sand Pen icon at right.

I feel strongly about the terrible turn of events in U.S. politics and in fact, society in general. When the earmarks of what was coming became apparent in 2014, I wrote Ickee Mushta in hopes it would have some minor influence. Couldn’t have been more minor as it turns out. More recently, the serial novel Emma McEwan was intended to campaign for a method of recovery. Again, minimal audience. Also, hard to keep up with the political tides. Now I’m stepping back and taking a general approach to provide a fictional reflection of this dark era in America. It will steal shamelessly from both of these works but be a standalone novel in its own right.

The Two Loves series is now a trilogy with the release of Two Loves Challenged. It was my intent to end the series here, however, this latest volume raises new questions and opportunities so if an audience materializes, we’ll see.

For many years I have worked periodically on a novel dealing with the ancestors on my mother’s side who came from both sides of the American Revolution. A captain in the British Army eloped with the daughter of a sergeant in the Revolutionary Army. They were married on the island of Manhattan. The trials they must have faced intrigue me. Much work remains on From Revolution Born.

The idea of a collection of short stories and vignettes written over past and future years is attractive. I might publish the worthy ones under the title Stories From The Sand Pen. The two possible meanings of sand pen tickle my fancy.

Finally, years ago I drafted a memoir of my first career years. I dropped it after John Irving wrote that all aspiring authors begin with an autobiography. Recently, I have expanded it beyond my “first career” and will perhaps release it one day under the title A Quiet Rampage.

I will treasure your thoughts after visiting my website.

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